Call for Academic Abstracts

Proposed Title: Social debates and critique of policy and practice on sex, sexuality and gender identities in Zimbabwe.

Editor: Dr. M. Sithole, Dr. D. Nyathi and Pofela Ndzozi

Sex, sexuality and gender identity are the main components of broadly recognised discourses in sexual reproductive and health rights (SRHR) and Sex Orientation Gender Identity Expression and Sexual Characteristics (SOGIESC) – which is a complex and contested research area, given the Zimbabwean cultural underpinning (Sika & Okech, 2019). Cross-cutting conversations, research and robust debates ranging from the implications of sex, sexuality and gender identity on health, the economy, culture, human rights and various other aspects are therefore essential. Since policymakers are social citizens, protracted debates can influence and inform the policies which lack empirical grounding, hence bridging the disparity between policy and practice.

This call therefore seeks to amplify voices from various walks of life and spark conversation and debate on issues such as that of the recent age of consent, which can be understood from various standpoints such as a moral or cultural purview or even a health, gender, legal or human rights perspective among numerous others. As part of the policy reflective thrust of this prospective publication, authors are invited to make submissions, which will explore sex, sexuality, and gender identity, broadly in the context of emerging cultures and policy options in Zimbabwe.

This prospective publication intends to invite a discussion on the nexus between Zimbabwe’s policy and practice on sex, sexuality and gender identities. At the same time, the publication endeavors to proffer a rigorous dialogue on the current developments and ongoing debates on SRHR with regards to sexual and gender diversity.

Therefore, researchers are invited to submit multidisciplinary contributions reflecting on Zimbabwe’s policy and practice on sex, sexuality and gender identity. It is in this light that contributors should explore in what ways SRHR is shaping a new Zimbabwean sexual culture and identity. Both empirical and conceptual papers are welcome. Chapter contributions should dwell on – but not be limited to:

➔ Policing of sex, sexuality and gender identities in Zimbabwe;

➔ SRHR policy debates – age of consent, early sexual debut, access to SRHR services;

➔ Unpacking/filling in the information gaps – how much is known around SOGIESC? Myths and misconceptions on SOGIESC.

Guideline for authors

Submitted articles must not have been previously published, accepted for publication or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Length of articles should not exceed 8000 words (including references). Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words. Five keywords must be provided. Use Harvard reference style. Only articles written in English will be considered. Articles will go through a double-blind review process. For additional information and submission of abstracts email: and Cc

Implementation plan

Submission of abstracts 28 February 2021

Submission of full chapters 4 April 2021

Peer-review 25 April, 2021

Editing & Book design 30 May, 2021

Publishing 05 July, 2021

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