About Us

The Sexual Rights Centre (SRC) is a NGO making organisation established in 2007 and fundamentally a human rights and key population-led organisation focused on championing the rights of marginalised groups in and around Bulawayo and in Zimbabwe more broadly.


The SRC’s theory of change is contextual, and largely informed by conditions on the ground. The theory of change is underpinned by a framework of rights-based approach, participation and empowerment as transformative change to achieve individual, collective, organisational, systemic social change and basic fundamental freedoms and principles. The organisation envisions a Zimbabwean society where all people enjoy and claim their human and sexual rights with respect and dignity. The SRC through its various programs aims to promote and contribute towards the fulfilment and enjoyment of human and sexual rights of marginalised groups and key populations (LGBTI and of SWs).


The organisation believes that sustained impact is change that focuses on human contact and relations. As such, the organisation strives to offer a sense of community and family in order to forge solidarity and collaboration among Rights Holders (Key Population groups). The SRC strongly believes it is through development of networks, alliances and collaborative partnerships that they can enable primary and secondary stakeholders, state and non-state actors to collectively work towards an equal inclusive society that upholds the fulfilment of rights for all.

Meet The Management

Mojalifa Ndlovu

Programs Manager

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"I enjoy waking up to an opportunity to do what I like best and what I believe in!"

Musa Sibindi

Executive Director

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"I am motivated by knowing that I have given someone an opportunity to better their life."

Phillipa Mhike

Finance Manager

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"I believe each new day is a day to better yourself."

Our Mission

​SRC works with primary (LGBTI & SWs / ‘key populations’) and secondary (service providers, duty bearers, gatekeepers) stakeholders and their organizations and institutions to:

  • enable access to essential sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) services

  • shift attitudes, enhance capacity, and enable agency;

  • build functional, solidarity relationships; and

  • and collaboration.support joint work

We do this work to enable all stakeholders to better realize their sexual, health and human rights and discharge their duties – and in the process, to influence change in larger policies and systems. One the main contributing factors to shifting larger systems (government, national norms, and values, etc.) is building issues-based movements and a larger movement for change. By a ‘larger Movement’ we mean one that rises above specific identities and narrow interests, and situates “key population” issues where they belong: at the heart of the struggle for human dignity, agency, and justice.
Above all else, this is relational work. We create new relationships and work through them to
support change, development and, ultimately, contribute towards transformation.


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